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Saturday, August 17, 2013

ah that feeling .

that feeling when u feel like u want to cry a river but u have no more tears to cry . that feeling when u feel like u want to run and hug from behind and ask him to stay but he just walked away . that feeling when u want to look into his eyes and tell him that you love him but he just look away . that feeling when u want to talk to him but he refuse to answer the call . nothing hurts more than this . i swear to god , its hurts me .

im sorry dear pillow , im sorry for every tears i cry every night . nothing more i cant do than this . nothing's left to fight since all the right things go wrong .

its starts hurt me when i saw , i feel , i hear and i smell something remind me to you and realize u no longer talk to me . we used to talk everyday but not today . worst thing ever , we become a strangers . how can i just move on when my heart want you so bad ?

remember our love song u used to sing to me ? remember when ive got a fever , who take care of me ? who feed me up with his hand ? who talk to me until i fall asleep on his shoulder ? the one that always wipe my tears ? the one who always talk stupid just to make me laugh like a crazy , the one who never forget to remind me he love me and will never left ? remember our first meet ? unplanned and i remember your smile when my eyes meet yours for the first time ever . but look at us now ? its is so hard to stay with me ?

i miss you , i miss us . . ah i miss everything pa . i miss see ur name popup on my screen . ur annoying text , annoying voice , stupid joke , stupid smile of you . dont just left pa . i want you . i want us . why its so complicated when it comes to us , to me . fix it for god sake . dont go ;') die in my heart , forever :'( i love you muhammad amer syafeeq :')

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